• Get Out There, Create, Live, And Love Your Life!

    Get Out There, Create, Live, and Love Your Life

    There is nothing more comfortable, and familiar, than throwing yourself on the couch with a bag of chocolate covered pretzels or Doritos (Don’t judge me! lol) , and flipping through all of the shows clogging up your DVR. I don’t know about you, but that is about as exciting as it gets for me. I don’t get a lot of time during the day to do a lot of the things that I want and need to do for myself because I am on blogging, homeschooling, playground, mommy duty all day. So when 8:00 pm is within reach, I am ready to do a backflip (Figuratively speaking of course.) If you have a toddler, then you 100% understand. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little angel to pieces, she is the love of my life, but 8:00 PM can’t roll around fast enough for me. The funny thing is that when 8 o’clock does finally roll around I am usually too tired to do any of the things on my “To-Do” list! This HAS TO STOP!

    Today, as in right this minute, I want you to join me in my “Get Your Butt Off Of The Couch, Out Of Yoga Pants, and Try Something New” Challenge. Something new can include signing up for a cooking class, joining a walking/hiking group, joining a Samba or Salsa class, finding a new playgroup if you have young children like I do or anything that gets you off of the couch and out of the house. My favorite go to place is MeetUp.com  (They really do need to thank me for all the referrals I send to them!) I am currently looking for new single-parent/mom, beach fun, and “Mommy & Me” exercise or play groups. It’s been over a year since I have been to a Meet Up, but I am ready to get out there again! I have to! 

    Whatever you decide to do just make sure that it is something different from what you usually do. This is especially important if you really don’t have any adult friends who share your common interest. Being a single parent can be extremely lonely, which can intern cause sadness and open the door to depression. So get up, go to your computer, login or create an account on Meet Up.com, (No, this is not a sponsored post.) and find groups in your local area that host events of interest to you. You absolutely have to maintain a balance in your life. This is something I have struggled with for far too long, and frankly I am tired of it. We can still have a life, even with small children. Are you up for the challenge? If so, get to work and find at least TWO groups to join, and at least one event to attend THIS weekend! What are you stressing about? Your T.V., couch, and cable will still be there when you get home! 🙂

    I have only tried MeetUp.com, but please let me know if you use any of the other links. I hope that you will also post what groups and or new activities you will be trying either here on my blog or in the blog post comment section on my Facebook Page. Here are some links to get you started. 





    Fitness Trainer

    William Sonoma Cooking Classes

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  1. I’m not a single mum but this post really called to me! I’ve got two young kids and have NO mummy friends at all due to me being partly shy and just no time to really make connections with people. I do try but i’m just so socially awkward. You’re right though, it’s so important to get off the sofa and try something new! #weekendblogshare

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